South Coast Brewing Co.

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Our Story

Scott, Brett and Mark

Three blokes decided to make great beer, at a relaxed venue, for all to enjoy.  The result – South Coast Brewing Company. From an empty shed, the boys have built everything from the ground up. It’s all been recycled, up-cycled or ‘MacGyvered‘ in one way or another. 

We hope you’ll love it.

Scott Zrna – Chief Brewer

Scott has been an experienced consumer of beer for over 30 years, and a winemaker for 25. After falling in love with the South Coast, he made the sea change to Port Noarlunga in 2007. He’s always had a passion for brewing and has spent the last three years honing his skills in his backyard.

Brett  Doonan- Sales Manager

A south coast local since before he was born, Brett is the life of the party.  From local cricket legend (‘I could have played for Australia’) to local football legend (‘I could have played AFL’), Brett’s done it all.  A massive fan of the Brisbane Lions, Brett’s other loves are his 3 kiddies and wife.  Brett also has a gold medal in the use of Gum Tree.

Mark Sorrell – Assistant Brewer

Mark is an engineer by trade and has had a winding road through being barman, working in vineyards and working on hydro-power plants. After ten years working away from Adelaide, often in remote overseas locations, he decided to quit it all. He’s moved back to the South Coast where he spent time growing up, to live a long-held dream of running a brewery.

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